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19-28 February 2018

Silent Waterfall Detox Retreat "Feel Good Now All the Time"

Full reset, getting life force back, learn about happiness and balanced life

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Healthy Food

What to expect in the trip

Yoga & meditatin on the beach, Eco tours, Live food, Master classes, Meditation in sacred places, Tibetan bowls healing

Daily Schedule

  • 04.30

    Wake Up

  • 05.00

    Morning Reading

  • 05.15

    Buddha Meditation

  • 05.45

    Yoga Session

  • 07.00

    SunRise Medititation

  • 07.30


  • 09.30

    Talks about happiness

  • 10.30

    Walking & standing meditation

  • 11.00

    Sitting meditation

  • 11.30


  • 12.00

    Free silent time

  • 14.00

    Learn meditation tricks

  • 15.00

    Walking meditation

  • 15.30

    Sitting meditation

  • 16.00

    Healing music Tibetan bowls

  • 17.30


  • 18.30

    SunSet gazing

  • 19.30

    Fire meditation

  • 20.00

    Walking meditation

  • 20.30

    Sitting meditation

  • 21.00

    Getting to bed

  • 21.30

    Light is off :) good night

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Price of the Retreat

1250$ 950$

* If booked before February 20th
Discount booking

What is included

Daily meditation & yoga

Free transfer

Island waterfall meditations

Cozy rooms

Healing with Tibetan singing bowls

Healthy organic food

Secret knowledge about feeling good all the time

Body & mind practices of the sea / beach

Personal help with practices

Boat trip to nearby islands

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Detox Program (optional)

Premium herbal body cleanse: Amrita Easy Detox Deluxe kit, 100% natural, gentle & effective

Detoxification on a deep cellular level

Antioxidant support

Weight optimisation

Higher energy levels & rejuvenation

Liver & kidney cleanse

Hormones balancing

Detox program is included in retreat programBook your retreat with detox

About SunArtCenter

In our meditation center we have everything to ensure your comfort. You will be pleased with high standards of our services.

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